Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Damn Kids

Via Ezra Klein, I see that DenBeste is being ever so slightly homophobic* by referring to Howard Dean's notorious "metrosexual" quote.

Can we all just agree that Dean's quote was due to his misunderstanding what the term meant? Given the context it is usually used in, it is perfectly reasonable to think that "metrosexual" means a heterosexual who is comfortable with gay people. The various connotations of the word are hardly obvious to the casual viewer.

So, really, the worst criticism one could level at Dean for the incident is that he doesn't speak the absolute up-to-date version of the kids' language.

And these days, I think that's probably a good thing.

* Homophobic how, you ask? The context: "To a great extent, this is because white men as a group prefer cowboys to metrosexuals." Translation: White men prefer tough dudes to pussies. metrosexuals = pussies. Case closed. Hideously egregious? No. Mildly insulting to gays? I would guess yes.

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