Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I Damn Near Drove To Chicago And Offered To Sleep With Dan Drezner

...when I read this entry in his account of his day filling in for Andrew Sullivan:
"10:30 AM. Let’s log on and see how things are going…. Wait, why can’t I access the Daily Dish? It’s down! Ahh!!!! I f@#$%ed up somehow!! In less than twelve hours, I’ve single-handedly destroyed Andrew Sullivan’s site!! DAMN YOU BLOGGER!!! DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!!"
I think I actually broke into spontaneous song - something about "Die slow, mufucka, my fo-fo make sure all yo kids don't grow!"

But then, Drezner apparently fixed the problem, for The Daily Dish is up and running.

Another Monday, shot to hell.

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