Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Right out of the gate, a break with popular consensus...

Atrios, echoing the opinion of most people capable of explaining why it is wrong to marry your sister, seems to have voted a distinctly Anti-Mike Savage plank into the Eschaton platform.
While this is admirable, I find myself, against all odds, disagreeing. I experienced an epiphany of sorts this evening while listening to Savage on the radio. He stated, with apparent sincerity, that his intense dislike for Madeleine Albright, and his blaming of her for the North Koreans' acquisition of missile technology capable of striking the US, stems from her resemblance, in both appearance and attitude, to his mother.

Usually, when one is witness to a grown man's confession of massive Freudian issues, one is made distinctly uncomfortable. No one wants to seriously consider the implications. However, upon hearing this intimation, all members of the VeryVeryHappy family present burst into raucous laughter.

A man so unspeakably heinous as to make one laugh with actual mirth upon hearing such a soul-baring admission is truly a treasure not to be wasted. Therefore, while admitting the possibility that I am drunk with my newfound administrative control over this site, I am officially declaring VeryVeryHappy a supporter of Michael Savage, Right Wing Lunatic Extraordinaire. We love this man, and sincerely hope that he remains on the air as long as possible before his inevitable tarring, feathering, and deportation at the hands of an angry mob.

Go get 'em, Mikey, you crank bastard!

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