Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Can't tell the players without a scorecard!

Just so I'm clear:

Iran, a Fundamentalist Islamic totalitarian state that has funded terrorism against Israel and the United States has Uranium and is working on developing nuclear technology. North Korea, a notoriously belligerant state with an unpredictable leader who sells anything to anyone has a million-strong army armed with huge amounts of conventional weaponry, fissile material production capability, nuclear weapons, and missiles capable of hitting the continental United States. Al Qaeda, an international terrorist organization which perpetrated the worst act of terrorism in US history is planning imminent attacks on the United States. A National Guardsman has supplied top secret national defense information to domestic White Supremicist groups ideologically akin to Timothy McVeigh, who committed the second worst act of terrorism in US history. And Iraq, which is a secular totalitarian state whose military capability has been virtually neutralized since 1991, has no fissile material, no nuclear capability, no delivery system with a range greater than 650 km, and no concrete links to terrorist organizations.

Okay. Just Checking.

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