Thursday, June 12, 2003


Well, it seems that the nice people who were hosting my images finally decided that since I wasn't using their (free) service for online auctions, I suck and deserve to have my account disabled.

Oh well. I'm grateful they allowed me to use it as long as they did.

Unfortunately, I now have to find someplace else that will host my (very small) images. I don't really care about the picture of myself (although I do think that a small pic on one's blog is a nice added bit of familiarity, yes?), but I do want to get the email address back on the site (in case you never noticed, my email address was displayed as a tiny .gif file, to keep it from being snagged by spamcrawlers). Also, my FAQ was a tiny HTML document that was hosted at the same place.

So, does anyone out there have any suggestions as to where I can host a few small files (at least 20K, preferably 150K so I can [very rarely] use an image or two in a post) for free? By my rough calculations, I use about 250 megs of bandwidth per month (although as readership increases, that will of course get bigger).


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