Thursday, June 12, 2003

President Zell Miller

That three-word phrase, if it ever became true, would be unquestionable proof that God does not exist.

Via the Wyeth Wire, I see that the Senator from Georgia is putting out feelers for a Presidential run.

Let's just clear this out of the way right now:

If the Democratic Party nominates Zell Miller, it means that the Party is well and truly dead, with no hope of revival. It's over, go home; or better yet, go to Canada, because the Right has won and will reign supreme forever and ever, Amen.

Why? Because he's a Republican. While technically not one of those bastard Blue Dog Democrats, he is just as far Right as any of them, and he has betrayed the Democrats more times than I can count. And when I say betrayed, I mean betrayed. As in sold out, cheated on, stabbed in the back.

Zell Miller's brand of "bipartisanship" fits Grover Norquist's definition of it. How many times has Miller voted not just with the GOP but against the Democrats?

It's not just that he is a conservative. Joe Lieberman is a conservative. Zell Miller is Judas.

A particularly egregious example of this is the Estrada filibuster.

Not only did Miller join Majority Leader Bill Frist in attempting to rejigger the judicial nomination process so as to prevent a filibuster like the one the Democrats are still carrying out, but he submitted an amendment to the Senate Rules which would effectively end the filibuster as a parliamentary tool by reducing the number of votes neccessary for cloture upon each successive cloture motion.

These two actions were directly aimed at screwing the Democratic leadership -- not to mention the Left in general -- by dealing them a huge blow in their struggle against the administration and the Republican majority's attempts to pack the judiciary with Rightwing idealogues who will warp the judicial landscape for generations to come.

The only good thing about Senator Zell Miller is that he is leaving the Senate when his current term comes to an end.

I don't really have any fear that Miller would get the nomination even if he was deluded enough to run. The base hates him too much - Joe Lieberman looks like a shining example of liberalism and party loyalty next to him.

But just the idea is enough to give me shivers...though remote, the possibility is just too horrible to contemplate.

Go home, Zell. No one wants you here.

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