Sunday, January 04, 2004

Pardon Our Dust

I'm trying to get something interesting to work here on VVH, and I'm not sure how well Blogger will cooperate...if weird things happen to VVH over the next hour or so, that's why.

Update: Nevermind. I was attempting to use the one AudioBlog post Blogger gives you as a free trial to record a new VVH FAQ. Unfortunately, the free trial only gives you one minute of recording time, rather than the full four minutes of a regular audio post. Needless to say, one minute is not sufficient for my purposes. It's unfortunate, because while audioblogging itself has always struck me as rather dumb, I like the idea of people being able to listen to my FAQ, which ideally would serve as a half-assed introduction to the site. I think it would have added a nice personal touch to the site, made it a bit more human, in the same way that posting a photograph does - although, now that I mention it, the damn photograph usually doesn't work either.

Oh well.

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