Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Definitive Proof That The Corner Is For Idiots

Courtesy of the irrepressible K-Lo, we get a letter from a reader with a firm grasp of the facts:
"I am living proof of the need for Prop. 54 to be successful. On Sunday I got an automated call from Jesse Jackson urging me to vote no on the recall, which I believe he said was a right wing power grab coup. Monday, Bill Clinton called then Al Gore. At first I was thinking they picked numbers through zip codes. Then my buddy down the street told me she received an automated call from Republican Daryl Issa. Then another neighbor said that she had only received calls from Republicans. Why are they calling me, I am a registered Republican and I have given to the GOP?
Oh I know, my last name is Lopez (actually Lopez-Lopez, my husband says he always did find his best dates at family reunions) . A Portuguese Lopez and a Honduran Lopez, but a juicy Lopez to the Democrats I guess."
Prop 54 was about the collecting of racial statistics by the state. Our astute Corner reader seems to think that she was called because her name is Lopez. That's entirely possible. But that has nothing to do with the collection of racial statistics. It has to do with using a fucking phone book. Does she perhaps think that Prop 54 would force the telephone comnpanies to take a redacting marker to the phone book, blacking out any name that doesn't appear on the passenger manifest of the Mayflower?


Fortunately, Prop 54 is dead dead dead, and Ward Connerly is now forced to take his voodoo prescription for healing race relations to other states where he is mocked less forcibly than he was at the hands of California voters yesterday.

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