Sunday, September 07, 2003

It Wouldn't Be A True Presidential Speech...

If the illustrious InstaPundit didn't take the opportunity to lie about people he dislikes:
"It was an outright challenge to the neo-McGovernites, and even more of a challenge to those wafflers (and several are beginning to appear) among the Democratic presidential candidates, specifically mentioning Somalia and Beirut (bipartisan bugout history there), and noting that lessening our commitment would be a disaster, and play into the terrorists' hands."
The McGovern thing is cute - especially since the only candidate even vaguely supporting immediate withdrawal of all our forces from Iraq is Kucinich (unless, of course, Glenn has taken Chris Suellentrop's unusually dunderheaded misreading of Dean's statements at the Democratic debates to heart).

We're in Iraq for the long haul, and all of the serious contenders for the Democratic nomination acknowledge that; indeed, I do believe that one of the primary premises of even the anti-war crowd was that if we invaded Iraq, we would be obligated to rebuild it at the cost of several years and hundreds of billions of our dollars.

To snidely claim otherwise is a "lie," in the same way that Glenn Reynolds is "the best argument for storing nuclear waste in Knoxville."

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