Thursday, March 20, 2003

Spin, Spin, Spin Away

I really love the Administration's claim, echoed by so many Right-wingers that it makes my head hurt, that a lot of the former Eastern Bloc nations have joined our little coalition because "they know what it's like to live under oppression."

Yeah, because their cooperation has absolutely nothing to do with that fact that they also happen to be some of the poorest nations in Europe, and as such are highly dependent on US money to keep afloat.

Oh my. Did I just impugn the motives of our noble Coalition of the Willing?

What kind of a liberal pinko atheist commie am I?

The kind that would sink so low as to mention the fact that perhaps the French might know a thing or two about living under an oppressive dictator as well?

God, it's no wonder the Pure Hearted of the Right hate me.

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