Thursday, March 20, 2003

An Addendum, and a Preemptive Thought

The Washington Post last Sunday:

A CIA spokesman refused to discuss the matter. But some officials charge the administration is not interested in helping the inspectors discover weapons because a discovery could bolster supporters in the U.N. Security Council of continued inspections and undermine the administration's case for war.

"We don't want to have a smoking gun," a ranking administration official said recently. He added, "I don't know whether the point is to embarrass Blix or embarrass Saddam Hussein."

Anther official familiar with the intelligence said, "Not all the top sites have been passed to the inspectors."

I want to make one thing extremely clear. If this is true, and chemical or biological weapons are used against our troops during the war, George W. Bush should be impeached and sent to prison.

This is not a joke. This is not partisanship. Any official who would put US forces at risk by withholding information simply for political purposes would deserve the same fate.

Why do I raise such a terrifying scenario now? Becase if, God forbid, it does happen, there will be mourning and anger and fear, and I want this to be on record before it happens, so that I cannot be accused of using a tragedy for partisan hyperbole.

So, if it happens, if our troops suffer a chemical attack, I will blame Saddam Hussein along with everyone else. But I will also be blaming the man that, by withholding information from weapons inspectors, allowed it happen.

(article courtesy of reader Jim E.)

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