Monday, March 24, 2003


I'm getting tired of yelling about Glenn Reynolds. I think that, by now, it is quite obvious that the man irritates me.

That's all right. It's certainly not a crime to irritate me; if it was, I would live in the middle of a vast swath of vacated property, because most of the residents of my town would be incarcerated.

However, hypocrisy really kicks the irritation level up a few notches, especially when it contributes, intentionally or not, to someone's agenda (the agenda, in this case, being the general effort on the Right to throw as much mud as possible at news organizations such as CNN and the New York Times in order to make conservative outlets like Fox News more palatable).

And so, with that, I quote the law professor from Tennessee:
"CNN MENTIONED SALAM PAX-- and gave his URL. This isn't cool.
More reason to hope the troops get to Baghdad soon, and keep Saddam's goons busy in the meantime."

I agree. But it would have been nice if he had at least apologized for committing the same offense on numerous occasions.

After all, surely Mr. Reynolds is not under the impression that Iraqi government agents combing through American news sources for information pay no attention whatsoever to "The New York Times of the bloggers"?

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