Tuesday, March 25, 2003

A Little Too Far

I wish I could simply label Andrew Sullivan a fringe figure and ignore him forever after. Unfortunately, he enjoys just enough journalistic fame to make his half-baked ideas (read: kool-aid regurgitation) deserve countering.

For the past few months, the France-bashing that has reached truly epic proportions among the Right has annoyed me, as I've mentioned a few times before.

But in the end, the doltish "freedom fries" variety of francophobia is a relatively minor problem. When the war is over, and other concerns press for our attention, these things will lose their relevance and will be forgotten.

This kind of thing will not:
"It seems to me that the alliance with France is now over."
In this post, Sullivan makes me think of the dull kid in the group who takes the joke too far.

Think about it: A few children are standing on a corner, making fun of an old woman.

"She looks stupid!" says one.


"She smells funny!" shouts another.

More laughter.

"Ha ha!" Sullivan yells, and throws a brick at her head.

The alliance with France is now over? Is this man out of his mind?

The fact that people who share Sullivan's deranged worldview actually occupy key positions in our government (Richard Perle, anybody?) and are capable of influencing our foreign policy is one of the main reasons I think I should drink more.

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