Monday, February 24, 2003

Plans For The Week

Confession time. I know that VeryVeryHappy hasn't been worthy of even the trickle of traffic it's been getting over the last few days. My excuse: Seriously, dude, there's shit that just gotta be done. I have a life outside of the internet (and unlike many bloggers, I haven't quite developed the skills necessary to be able to absorb, process, synthesize, and respond to information at the obscenely high rate necessary to produce high-volume, high-quality output and still attend to necessities like eating and attending class).

Anyway, I feel the need to justify my receiving repeat visits (and all the nice things people have said about me: Vaara, Rittenhouse, Ampersand, Sullywatch (whose archives are on the fritz), etc.) by giving you the Official VeryVeryHappy To Do List (for the week of 2/24 - 2/28):
1. Rebut a lot of the anti-Nader bullshit that still floats around a lot of the leftie blogs

2. Continue to explain my undying love for Mike Savage

3. Start a Holy War against use of the imbecilic term "idiotarian"

4. Get into a discussion with a warblogger, and give him or her a chance to convince me that they are right (I have a couple in mind; whoever accepts my challenge will be treated fairly. Those that do not will be beaten with Large Rhetorical Sticks)

Keep in mind, I will be punctuating these tasks with posts about various things, some that matter, some that don't. I just wanted to give my regular readers (all four of you) a reason to keep checking in.

Remember, VeryVeryHappy, where the customers count.

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