Monday, February 17, 2003

I Am the Liberal Media!

Looking over my site statistics (to learn how best to serve you, the consumer), I found out that my site comes up as #3 when you do a Google search using the words "french" "are" "cowards," and #4 if you use "French" and "cowards."

My liberal propaganda is infilitrating the conciousness of America.

How cool is that?

Update: I also just hit 1,000 unique visitors, which seems pretty good considering I started this thing on Wednesday. I will indoctrinate you yet, America...

Another Update: "French" and "Cowardice" put me at #2! And #1 is a Cheap Trick lyrics page (The song Surrender...get it? I'm not joking, it really is). Eat it, (#6)! Why don't you guys get a job or something? Damn hippies.

Yet Another Update: "French" "cowards" "cowardice" puts me at #1.

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