Monday, February 17, 2003

Confirmation, and A Second Premise

Atrios, without whom I would know little more about the outside world than a cave-troll, links to this fantastic story of the basic worthlessness of Fox News.

This of course reinforces the First Premise of VeryVeryHappy:

Fox News sucks and is making your children dumb.

While the staff here at VVH is nearly delirious with joy over this proof of our innate superiority, we realize that there is a key component of this Premise that needs to now be added in order to properly reflect reality. However, as any good mathematician knows, a postulate needs to be kept fairly simple.

I am therefore creating the Second Premise of VVH, which reads as follows:

Fox News is teaching your children that it is okay to steal, as long as you do not get caught.

Oh, and Roger Ailes (the evil one, not the good one) is to be referred to as "Jolly Roger" from now on.

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