Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Is anyone else puzzled by the fact that Bob Woodward's1 tales of a military killing technology that he would "compare...to the Manhattan Project" and is supposedly responsible for most of the drop in violence in Iraq is not getting more comment than it is?

That sound, by the way, is from all the conspiracy theorists in the country simultaneously shitting themselves.

1 Washington-based journalist with reputation for making far-fetched claims about Presidents.


Anonymous said...

is not getting more comment than it is?

Yeah, I got'cher comments right heeere...

1) First of all, I note that the CNN article quotes an NSA advisor, and other linked articles quote army officials and politicians who appear to be upset at Woodward's implication that "The Surge Is Not Working," that the supposed drop in violence is due to the new tech instead of the Surge.

Of course, if we were actually fighting a war instead of a PR campaign, I should think most reasonable people would be pleased that new technology is alleviating the need for troops and innocent bystanders to be in harm's way. That is, of course, what the military tells us over and over and over again as they show us footage of the cruise missiles and drones and stealth bombers which are supposedly accurate enough to bust a zit on Saddam's nose without mussing his mustache. Precision warfare, right? So if we finally have a success story in this vein, we gotta keep it top secret?

But of course, we aren't actually fighting a war in Iraq, we are fighting for Dubya Bush's honor (and McCain's election chances.) For that, we gotta see some blood & guts, in order to keep the bloodthirsty voters happy, rather than invisible ultrasonic death rays from space.

2) At the beginning of the article, Woodward says the technology must be kept secret "or else it would get people killed". At the end of the article, Woodward says Al-Qaida already knows about this, "The enemy has a heads up". So -- if the enemy already knows about the weapon, whom are we keeping it secret from and why?

My own personal conspiracy theory: I'd put my money on some lame-ass attempt to produce an ethnic bioweapon. Supposedly argeting Persian "foreign fighters" as opposed to native Iraqis, or something like that. And if the DNA sniffer doesn't work quite as well as it should, and half the victims turn out to be local native Iraqis, well then they were "resisting arrest" or somesuch.

Testing an unproven Monsanto bioagent in the middle of a messy battlefield is something we would probably want to keep secret from the rest of the world, (not to mention the Iraqi population)... as opposed to keeping it secret from the enemy... (see my comment #2)

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