Friday, February 27, 2004

Not Dead

All right, you dirty sons of bitches, here I am.

I kid.

I just realized today that VVH had it's first birthday a week or so ago, and with that realization came the more startling realization that some of you have been dropping by my little corner of the net for just over a year now.

A year! What is wrong with you people? Buy an XBox or something.

But random insults flung at the regulars aside (where have you been, Jim E., you bastard!), I really am grateful for the fact that a not-insignificant number of people have taken the time to read about who I think is an asshole and why.

Don't get me wrong, I'd be writing various bits and pieces regardless of whether or not I had this site. One of the major differences that even a modest audience makes, however, is in the kinds of things I am able to write.

For example, I never would have written Moonshot if I didn't have this forum. Not because I would have had different opinions, or because I would have cared less about the subject, but because that brand of event-related opinion writing is essentially masturbatory in nature if no one is going to read it - and believe me, my friends don't want me sending it to them. They already take enough shit from me.

The point is, thank you, to every one of you that has given me the opportunity to articulate my thoughts (low and nasty though they may be) without feeling too self-indulgent. I know I'm a bit of an ass, what with the long unexplained hiatuses and all - all I can say is, sorry man, I've got other things to do (sometimes better things, but sometimes just other things). Hit counts and enlarging the audience aren't massively important to me; if they were, I'd post more often. But I really do appreciate you coming by and listening to what I have to say, and occasionally dropping a comment or an email.


And with that, I have an announcement, and a desperate plea:

I'm upgrading VVH to Movable Type, and need help. Lots of it.

I'm already signed up for server space (with 1and1), and will be registering the domain shortly. Now I just need to do...all that other crap.

Like install MT, design the site, import the archives (if possible), and most likely ten other things I haven't thought about yet.

I'm reasonably computer literate, and with a bit of effort can deal with very basic HTML, but things like perl scripts and other such MT necessities are slightly beyond my current level of knowledge. I need a hand figuring out what, exactly, I need to do and how.

So who wants to be my MT guru?

Ideally, I'd really like it if someone could spare a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon (but not this weekend - Laws no, M-O-O-N, that spells "can't do shit this weekend") to walk me through this, but really I'm willing to do it any time other than weekdays during the day when I'm at work.

I can't pay you, being a poor, poor college student (note to females: just kidding! I'm actually an executive with money to burn. Send pictures, nudes preferred). But you will have my eternal gratitude, and a link on these prestigious pages for your site or your company or your grandma's blog (and if MT crashes and screws it all up, I'll tell people that the guy who beat you up in computer science did the install).

For the record, there have been quite a few posts in the last few weeks that I've partially written in my head, but never got around to fleshing out because I wanted to get the new site up and running first. Once that happens, I'll no longer have an excuse, and will be forced to post more often. Still sporadically at times, of course, but every little bit helps, right?

Anyway, drop me an email if you think you can help me out.

And to all, once again, gracias. I'll be around.

Clarification: I'm not asking anyone to do an all-out site design. I want to design it myself anyway (although MT-specific design advice will of course be appreciated). I just need someone to help with the install, and give me the basics on how to use it. That kind of thing.

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