Monday, January 12, 2004

Public Service

If, due to illness or a sharp blow to the head, you think it might be interesting to discuss the Paul O'Neill blitzkrieg we are currently experiencing with a Bush supporter, let me save you the time and effort.

You: Well, it seems like some of Bush's critics were right about his lack of engagement when it comes to -

Them: Oh, so, what, no screaming for an investigation?

You: I- what?

Them: The documents O'Neill showed on 60 Minutes were marked "secret"! Isn't that like outing a CIA operative? Huh? Huh?!?

You: Actually, those papers were released by the -

Them: Hypocrite!

You: No, you don't understand, O'Neill didn't leak those papers, they were-

Them: I tried! I really did! I hoped that maybe, just this once, the Left would show some integrity and show some consistency. I'm deeply disappointed. This only goes to show that I was right to call the Democratic Party the party of goat-fucking and socialism the other day. How can you live with yourself?

You: Um...

Them: I just can't hold a rational discussion with someone who refuses to snap out of their Bush=Hitler fantasies!

You: Look, what's your fucking -

Them: Oh, there's that Democratic rage again! No one will ever take you seriously! All you can do is sputter in outrage whenever someone talks sense!

You: I'm not-

Them: Valerie Plame! Valerie Plame!

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