Wednesday, January 28, 2004

A Moment For Honestly Giving Credit Where Due

I say terrible things about Andrew Sullivan on a regular basis. He has more than earned the scorn of honest people everywhere with his dishonest, never-ending jihads against the straw men on which he writes the names of people he dislikes.

But his analysis of tonight's primary result is absolutely dead on.

Not the hackish smears of Kerry and Clark, but the overview of the dynamic within the Democratic Party. He is correct to call the Kerry-Dean matchup a "battle between the Democratic party's soul and its fear." Not entirely for the reasons he believes, of course, and probably not for the reasons a die-hard Dean supporter (which I am emphatically not) would give you.

I'll get back to this later, but for now, I think this post is still looking pretty good (aside from the Dean/Clark business -- although I'd like to point out that I was pairing the two up before it became too fashionable).

And while I know veteran Sullivan readers will suspect a sinister disinformation plot on his part -- a suspicion that has been fully justified by his demonstrated lack of integrity, if not his ability to sustain a single line of attack over a period of time without reversing himself somehow -- but his thoughts on Bush's electoral prospects seem largely correct as well.

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