Thursday, January 15, 2004


For all your electronics and office needs, shop Best Buy.

Well, shop wherever you want, but at least consider Best Buy for a few seconds.

A tiny little plug is in order tonight, because a few hours ago I was able to exchange this piece of shit chair that broke1 within three weeks of purchase for this sturdier, more comfortable chair, despite not having the box the first one came in, nor the receipt. I just wheeled it in through the entrance (I vainly tried to convince my little brother to push me while I sat in it and barked out orders - "Starboard, you bastard, and run like the devil is nipping at your hindquarters!"), explained the situation, and received a full refund, which I immediately put toward the new chair.

Customer service is what keeps 'em coming back.

Anyway, I can finally be comfortable when using the computer again, so maybe now my sunny nature and lighthearted playfulness will come through more effectively here at VVH.

Just kidding - everyone who disagrees with me still sucks.

1. The chair I broke was actually quite nice- comfortable, nice soft suede, reasonably priced. Unfortunately, it has a critical design flaw: the arms. They are attached to the base in such a way as to place a tremendous amount of stress just behind the downward curve when one leans back - which wouldn't be a problem if they were metal, but they're plastic. The kicker is that that's the exact spot where they decided to put the bolts that hold the armpads in place. The first time I leaned back to get a really good yawn and stretch in, both arms snapped clean through, right at the bolts. The arms on the new chair are plastic too, but they have a supporting ridge that runs underneath them, adding a lot of strength in the critical spot - which isn't as critical, as the arms are a part of the structure of the chair itself, rather than just being bolted onto the sides.

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