Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Advice To Sullivan Fans

Have no fear - he isn't actually taking a look at the Democrats. This is all an exercise in looking fair, and attempting to shuffle the fact that the President has deep-sixed damn near everything Andrew holds dear.

The proof of this is his absolute refusal to acknowledge that Bush is going to back the FMA. Read this, and tell me Sullivan isn't reaching. My favorite part is when he pretends not to know what the President meant when he said it was time to use "the constitutional process" in defense of marriage.

In the end, look for a variation of "I tried to get behind the Democrats, but they lost my support by _________ [my guess is 'being traitors'...anyone want to start up a pool? "Name the reason Andrew Sullivan will cite for supporting George Bush despite the fact that the President is opposed to everything he holds dear"]. George Bush is still the best hope of this country."

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