Friday, December 26, 2003

Note To Self: Do NOT Move To Tennessee

Damn, they sure do breed 'em crazy down there.

Hell, even their law professors seem to be strongly implying that we should provide financial aid to terrorists who target European civilians.

A lot of people have trouble finding exactly where the line between Glenn Reynolds being "the New York Times of the bloggers" and Glenn Reynolds being just a crazy asshole with an internet connection lies.

For those people, this kind of post is on the bad side of that line.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

And Speaking Of Yoshida...

Everytime that I read one of his little rants about traitors and enemies at home, I want to scream "You're not even an American citizen! Shut the FUCK up!"

Which isn't a sentiment I normally feel; he has expressed his desire to attain American citizenship, and that's usually good enough for me.

But young Mr. Yoshida seems intent on getting in here as quickly as possible for the sole purpose of kicking other people out, and so I feel completely justified in telling him to go back where he came from.

Goddamn Canadian.

And We Could Have Prevented 9/11 By Detonating The WTC in August 2001

Via Atrios, I see that Glenn Reynolds' pet fascist has figured out how to defeat all of our enemies: accomplish their goals for them!

Example: Prevent the Chinese from messing with the US economy by destroying the US economy.

For Adam's sake, I hope he never suspects his significant other is cheating on him...

(And seriously, returning to the gold standard?!? You'd have to save money for a year to buy enough weed to get a reputable economist high enough to think that was anything but a catastrophically bad idea.)

Sunday, December 21, 2003

Soulmates - Or Perhaps We Just Hate All The Same People With The Same Intensity - And Really, Isn't That The Same Thing?

If Roy Edroso would just add "and The Mighty Reason Man concurs" to the end of every post, I could shut down VVH and go about my business.

A Polite Request Addressed To Andrew Sullivan

2003 is coming to a close, so how about you gather up all the nominations for your cute little "awards," name the winners in each category, and then NEVER USE THE WORD "AWARD" AGAIN. NOT. FUCKING. EVER.

Seriously, I am having a very hard time deciding which gimmick is more annoying, your awards or Kaus's imaginary editor - and damn you both for the fact that I spent 30 seconds of my life actually thinking about this.

Condition Orange

Someone remind me, at Orange am I supposed to stare really hard at foreigners, or do I just tackle them outright?