Monday, December 29, 2003


I saw this the other day, but didn't see the updates until today. I think it sums up Glenn Reynolds' style very nicely:
"PARANOIA STRIKES DEEP: The folks at Democratic Underground are wondering if the Iran earthquake was triggered by Bush.

Yep. And Karl Rove is personally making sure that your skateboarding magazines get lost in the mail. (And scroll down to the post noting that Kucinich opposes such weapons -- that guy doesn't miss a thing!)

UPDATE: Look at the photos!

Meanwhile, here's more on Kucinich's, er, farsightedness.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Hey, Bush caused the Mad Cow scare, too! At least, that's what posters over at Howard Dean's message board seem to think. They're calling it "Beefiburton!"

As a Dean supporter on that board notes: "I have to mentally separate the candidate from the supporters (the handful of nuts, anyway) in my mind more often than I like ."

MORE: Hmm. Looks as if the initial post, at least, was by a troll. Which invalidates this post and makes me look pretty damn stupid."

All right, I made up that last sentence. But it's still pretty damn funny.

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