Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Buck Up, Girly-Men

~ Or Kim DuToit Will Shoot You ~

My original response to the now-famous DuToit "Pussification" essay was actually quite different from that of most liberal (and even a lot of conservative) commentators.

Instead of focusing on the more hallucinatory statements contained in DuToit's treatise (Donald Rumsfeld could score with 90% of women over 50? Is there crack in this man's drinking water?), I was planning on writing a longer post on what is, when you strip away the bullshit and the posturing, the point of the essay: the growing sense on the part of a lot of men that they are powerless to stop their growing irrelevence.

I'm still going to write that post someday (as a quick taste, consider the fact that technology may soon remove the need for the one role that can never be filled by women: producers of sperm), but after reading Kim's response to the large number of people who took issue with his essay -- a response which reminds me of nothing so much as myself after 11 beers, screaming at the friends who won't let me have a 12th to finish off the case -- I thought screw it, and decided to post a somewhat less kind response, which is to point out the fact that DuToit's grubby little manifesto is the kind of thing that results from one being unable to see one's own penis without the assistance of a mirror.

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