Monday, August 18, 2003

A Definitive Post On Political Ideology

MY IDEOLOGY: For those of you who care to know, I'm a Godtoldme-ist. It means exactly what it says.

-God told me that Fox News is biased.

-God told me that people who scoff at the charges of human rights organizations like Amnesty International but then self-righteously wag their fingers at those who opposed the war when justifying the invasion of Iraq based on Saddam's murderous record are not "humanitarians", they are "crass opportunists who should be ashamed of themselves."

-God told me that a lot of Republicans are arrogant pricks.

-God told me that Bush is a very, very bad President.

-God told me that so much opinion on the Right is based more on Clinton hatin' than on intelligence.

Should give you an idea of what a "Godtoldme-ist" is.

Oh, and God told me that Michael Demmons is a dipshit.

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