Tuesday, June 17, 2003

VeryVeryHappy Poetry Corner

Kevin Drum has decided to tweak D2 Digest's angry post about the many flaws of haiku as an English poetry form.

As I always appreciate a good tweaking between friends, I approve.

D2's post is a stunning example of intellectual elitism, and is also completely correct. I approve of it, too!

And so, to show my admiration, I present two politically themed poems - a haiku for Kevin, and a limmerick for D2 (a form which he suggests is much more challenging):

Bright sun before rain.
Deceiving us all, we're wet.
Republicans suck.

There once was a rich man named Bush.
His election was akin to a putsch.
He now screws all the poor folk,
His reign's like a quick poke
From a sharp stick straight to the tush.

I. Am. Awesome.

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