Sunday, June 01, 2003

The Good Kind of Terrorist

The captured kind.

Is there some sort of handbook that requires reclusive mad-bomber types to have stupid-looking facial hair?

But seriously, it may seem rather insignificant after 9/11, but I remember watching the Olympics live when that bomb went off, and it was scary as hell to see the genuine confusion and concern on the faces of the people on the screen, knowing that what I was watching was actually happening at that very moment.

I also remember being glad that, while over a hundred people were injured, only one person had died. It wasn't until years later that I realized that some of the ugliest stories come from the ranks of those listed in the papers as merely "injured." As anyone who has seen shrapnel/gunshot/burn injuries -- in person or in photographs -- knows, there's a large range between healthy and dead, and the things that a bunch of nails wrapped around an explosive can do to a human body are truly horrific.

I'm glad they caught the bastard.

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