Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Crazy People With Microphones

It's been a while since we here at VeryVeryHappy have checked in on our mascot Michael Savage, so the entire staff drew straws and, when that didn't go according to the wishes of the senior editors, the interns were sent out to listen to Mikey's show.

They came back with the most tangible proof yet that Savage's constant description of liberalism as a mental disorder is in fact a case of massive projection.

According to our intrepid interns, Mike was talking about...well, whatever lunatic thing was passing through his mind at the time. Needing some validation, he then decided to take some calls.

The rather one-sided conversation proceeded as follows:
Savage- Okay, [whoever] from [wherever], you're on the air.

Caller- Hey, Michael, I've heard from several media sources-

Savage- What's your real name? Dickhead? Are you a member of the Nazi Party? Is your name Goebbels? Or dickhead? You want me to drop my pants so you can inspect my circumcision? Go die somewhere, you Nazi. You Nazi. Go gargle with Rogaine, you Nazi.

[some lines from Savage's harangue omitted because, well, it was coming pretty fast, and one can only write so quickly. However, every word the caller said is shown]
I don't have the words to describe how bent this man is.

Michael Savage is truly a wonder to behold, and the sooner he is put in a cage and carted from town to town so small children can laugh at him and poke him with sticks, the better.

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