Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Vindication, Of A Sort

Last week, I wrote a post about pro-war and anti-war songs. One of the things I said was:
"...there are a lot of artists much more popular than Darryl Worley who no doubt would be penning anti-war songs were it not for the fact that the company that virtually controls rock and country radio in this country seems to have the nasty habit of blackballing bands that voice any sort of significant dissent..."
Today, while reading Tim Robbins' speech to the National Press Club, I happened upon this:
"A famous rock and roller called me last week to thank me for speaking out against the war only to go on to tell me that he could not speak himself because he fears repercussions from Clear Channel. 'They promote our concert appearances,' he said. 'They own most of the stations that play our music. I can't come out against this war.'"
Score one for me, I guess.

You'll excuse me if I don't feel particularly good about being right on this one, though.

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