Wednesday, April 09, 2003

A Useful Tool

While re-reading my last post (I do that from time to time; the editors here at VeryVeryHappy are overworked, and so the staff writers have to pick up the slack), I realized that there is another use the Greens could be put to: knocking off Republican incumbents.

Take a moderate district where a Republican currently holds office. The Greens could send in a candidate to maul the shit out of him- go negative as hell and throw every vote that somehow hurt the community in his face, being as rude as they want and screaming their positions to the world. Then the DNC sends in the money and the troops to back a strong Democrat in the district.

Bang. Instant triangulation. If the cards are played right, the Democrat walks into office looking like a clean-livin' moderate, unsullied by the mud the Greens are throwing.

Now, this would of course mean that the Greens would have to be willing to take one for the team, by no means a sure proposition. But if you don't think that two national parties can somehow work together in grand strategy terms, you're probably also one of those people who think it was merely a coincidence that Buchanon's strongarm takeover of the Reform Party just happened to occur during an election season when the GOP absolutely could not afford to lose votes to a third party.

Is it possible to reign in the Greens like this? Who knows. I certainly don't. But it certainly seems like something that should be pursued. After all, look at how effective such tactics have been for the GOP, using the multitude of allied Right-wing groups (Focus on the Family, Christian Coalition, NRA, etc. ad nauseum).

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