Friday, April 11, 2003

Dennis Miller Grants Sexual Favors To Satan On National Television

Dennis Miller decided that it would be an original idea to make fun of everyone even vaguely associated with anti-war or anti-Bush sentiment on Leno tonight. In what was obviously a bit that he had carefully written beforehand, he ranted about how stupid and weak protestors are, how the only actors that spoke out against the war are unemployed, and how Michael Moore is fat. He also seems to feel that everyone who doesn't support the President should shut up.

Fucking hell, when did this man become an erudite version of Rush Limbaugh with a really annoying voice?

Good job on being a free-thinking iconoclast, Dennis. I'm sure glad we have you to afflict those in power.

Because God knows there aren't enough people mocking dissent in this country right now.

That long line of ground-breaking comedians that supported their President at all costs must be very proud of you today.

If anyone out there just happens to know Mr. Miller: to quote Eddie Murphy channeling Richard Pryor, "You tell that muhfucker I said to suck my dick."

Edit: Hmm. While this isn't actually what any reasonable person would call a family blog, perhaps screaming out the exact sexual favor Dennis Miller performed on the Prince of Lies in the boldface title of this post was a bit rash (suffice to say, I have already made known my preferred term for what others call "drinking the koolaid"). After all, subtlety is the soul of something or other, and you never know who's reading my blog while children run around underfoot. So, I toned it down a bit. Not that there is any less vehemence in the sentiment, however.

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