Sunday, April 13, 2003

Bailing Out

MyDD points out that Jose Aznar of Spain is no longer being held up as a prominent member of the Iraqi war coalition, and ties this fact to his likely defeat in next month's elections.

While it makes sense that the Bush administration would choose to distance itself from a prominent supporter when that support is about to get said supporter thrown out of office, this raises an interesting question: since we've already established that quite a few people in the UK and Australia are pissed off at their leaders for supporting the war, what happens if Howard and Blair look like they are in imminent danger?

After all, it's easy to ditch Spain, but wouldn't it be a little harder to bail on a member of the vaunted "Anglosphere" without taking significant political heat?

Although, really, it's not a very safe bet to underestimate the brazenness of this administration. After all, they've already started slapping PM Blair around when it comes to reconstruction contracts.

Maybe it wouldn't be that hard after all.

So, come on then, leaders of the world, who wants to be our friend?

Anyone? Anyone?

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