Tuesday, April 08, 2003


I was excited today.

The illustrious Mr. Reynolds came so close to writing something that doesn't make me want to hit someone:
"ERIC MULLER doesn't think much of the pro-war country song Have You Forgotten? (though he gives appropriate degree-of-difficulty credit for finding a rhyme for "bin Laden"). I haven't heard it, (I haven't even heard Toby Keith's hit pro-war song) but I'll assume it's as dumb as he says."
Well, shit. Good call, Glenn. I'm even going to give him points for implying that Toby Keith's song is equally dumb.

But then he has to go and fuck it up:
"But isn't it a significant cultural indicator that this time around the dumb hit songs about war are pro-war?"
There are a lot of things that can be said about the cultural significance of popular music, but arguing that a blatant attempt on the part of country singer relatively unknown outside of his genre to capitalize on the issue of the day signifies the feelings of the country is, well, dumb.

Setting aside the fact that there are a lot of artists much more popular than Darryl Worley who no doubt would be penning anti-war songs were it not for the fact that the company that virtually controls rock and country radio in this country seems to have the nasty habit of blackballing bands that voice any sort of significant dissent, drawing any sort of comparison between the likes of Worley, Keith et al. and Buffalo Springfield and Creedance Clearwater Revival (by saying that anti-war songs are equally as dumb as pro-war songs) would earn Glenn a well-deserved pitcher-of-beer-in-the-lap in any bar I've ever been to.

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