Tuesday, March 11, 2003


Well, in attempting to fix my archives, I seem to have completely fucked up the rest of VeryVeryHappy.

Have I mentioned that I really hate Blogger?

Updates throughout the day as I attempt to fix this damn thing.

Update: Alright. This is going to work. It's going to piss me off a lot in the process, but it looks like it's going to work. Bear with me, I'm going to be trial and erroring it for the rest of the afternoon (with significant breaks for lunch and caffeine infusions).

Update the Second: I lied. I forgot that I had class in an hour. Also, I'm going to be using this opportunity to make a few changes I've been considering for awhile.

Regardless, VeryVeryHappy should be all fixed and cleaned up by this evening.

Update the Third: If you own Google/Blogger stock, SELL NOW.

Update the Fourth: Well, I figured out what the problem is. Apparently, every once in awhile, when you bring up the "Edit Template" dialogue, Blogger decides to omit key parts of the template code (such as table parameters and link references, among other things). If you are unfortunate enough to not notice this and you hit the save button, it then saves this incomplete version of your template, the results being a royally fucked blog.

This is now the second time today this has happened to me (I was approximately five minutes from being done with repairing it from the first time, and then it happened again).

I'll get around to doing it again (extremely carefully) later. For now, it's time for a break from the computer, before I put my fist through the screen.

Update the Fifth: VICTORY! I have finally repaired VeryVeryHappy. Even the Archives work properly now. And I am in no mood to deal with my computer anymore for the rest of the night.

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