Saturday, March 22, 2003


Mr. Reynolds has been having fun with the anti-war movement.

"The 'peace' movement's worst nightmare" he declares, linking to a story of Iraqis celebrating as US troops roll in. Then, after being roundly criticized for it in certain quarters, he thumbs his nose at taste and good sportsmanship and does it again.

I was still fuming about this when I sat down on the couch and surfed around, looking for some actual news about the war, rather than shots of the bombs going off being replayed over and over.

It was then that I was reminded exactly what the "peace" movement's worst nightmare really is.

As I watched a ten second clip on MSNBC of the middle aged father of one of the marines who was killed today holding up a photograph, choking back tears and asking the President to take a good look at the picture "of my only son," all the furious words in my head stopped, as did the accusations against people who mock those who did not want war.

Nothing I can say can be even half as effective a condemnation of Reynolds' attitude -- which is by no means unique to him; if it were, it would not matter -- as hearing a grown man's voice crack when he talks about his dead son.

I don't even care about pro-war and anti-war right now. Tonight, can we all just have the honor and basic decency to admit that that man who I saw on the news tonight was every American's worst nightmare?

Post Blogger-Issues Note: This is a post from last night that I deleted while trying to fix the screwed up post.

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