Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Scorecard Time!

Just so I'm clear:

The Republican Vice President of the United States, a former CEO of a major energy firm with close ties to other major energy corporations, met behind closed doors with representatives from most of the major energy firms --who also happened to be huge campaign contributors -- in the summer of 2001 in order to set energy policy for the United States.

The Vice President then refused to release the records of that meeting to the GAO, an investigative arm of Congress currently headed by a former aide to Republican ex-President Reagan and used to keep tabs on the Executive Branch, who then took the unprecedented step of suing him for said records. In defiance of court order, he continued to refuse to release the records.

Meanwhile, documents salvaged from the burning wreck of Enron prove that the California energy crisis -- the tentative reason for the Vice President's closed door meeting -- was in fact the direct result of massively fraudulent energy manipulation on the part of the major energy firms.

In December, the GAO's lawsuit was struck down by John D. Bates, a W. Bush-appointed judge who also happened to have spent the latter half of the 90's serving as a deputy to Independent Prosecutor Ken Star who -- in violation of the spirit, if not the letter of the Independent Prosecutor laws -- was a viciously partisan Republican who spent eight years and $70 million trying to dig up dirt on a Democratic President before being forced to admit that no wrongdoing had been done - after said President was no longer in power.

Now, the GAO has decided to drop the suit for good, because Republicans in Congress threatened to cut its budget if it continued to pursue the suit.

And Bill Clinton was impeached for a blowjob.

Okay. Just checking.

(Thanks, Atrios)

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