Thursday, February 13, 2003

Official Summary of Tonight's Proceedings on the Senate Floor

Republicans: We're gonna make Estrada a judge. How ya like that?
Democrats Um...we don't think so. He obviously lied his ass off to us when we questioned him last fall. We stongly suspect he may try to lock us up if he is given a judgeship.
Republicans: We're in the Majority. Eat it.
Democrats: [Filibuster]
Republicans: How dare you use a legitimate parliamentary tactic to puncture our swaggering bluster! You are obviously racists, and are breaking Senate rules, and even if you aren't, you are racists.
Democrats: [Facts]
Republicans: This is hideously unfair, and we are personally offended that you are doing to us what we did to you in the past, because when we did it, we had good reasons.
Democrats: [Facts which not only refute Republican statements, but hurl them to the ground and spit on them]
Republicans: Unfair! Unfair!
Democrats: [Communal effort to try to figure out how the hell these people have been beating them since 1994]

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