Friday, February 14, 2003

Late To The Party

Dammit, CalPundit beat me to it (although, really, lots of people beat him to it, right after the SotU).

I'll just add this bit about Bush's smirking references to people who "would no longer bother us."

Does he not get it?

Does he not understand that he is talking about ending people's lives?

I absolutely believe that we should be actively hunting and killing Al Qaeda members. It is our right, after being attacked, and our duty, to prevent more attacks.


When the most powerful man in the world laughs about casually killing people, no matter who those people are, there is something seriously wrong. It brings to mind the infamous quote he gave to Tucker Carlson during the 2000 campaign, where he made fun of Carla Faye Tucker. "Please don't kill me," he intoned, mocking the woman he put to death as Governor of Texas.

State-sanctioned execution is the most serious thing an executive presides over, whether it be deciding the fate of a person on death row, or ordering a Predator drone to fire a missile at a car containing a terrorist operative, and if Bush thinks it is alright to make light of the situation -- as he obviously does, since he said it in the most official forum there is, the State of the Union Address -- then he is ethically unqualified to hold the office of the Presidency.

But we already knew that.

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