Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Ego & Vanity Run Amok: Propaganda Effectiveness Report

The staff here at VeryVeryHappy is currently in the middle of a (non-alcoholic, as it is a work night) champagne-cork popping frenzy over the initial results of our weeklong experiment.

Since VeryVeryHappy went live a week and a handful of hours ago, 1,651 people have been tricked into receiving our dangerous combination of Progressiveness, Tomfoolery, Anger, and Hate. Our studies also conclude that approximately half of them have returned for more at least once.

Today, 0.000005 % of the US population; tomorrow, the World!

Aside: No more talk of site stats for at least a month. Nobody really cares, and it lends itself to navel-gazing at the expense of actually writing things.

Update: This, I should have seen coming. Already one of my friends has pointed out to me, in a tentative voice, "You really shouldn't say your site has hate in it. Hate is wrong. It is wrong to hate."

My response, in full, was, "Quit being such a fucking Leftie!"

Of course I have a heart full of hate. Any right thinking person who looks around and sees what is happening, both in the world and this country, should have a heart full of hate. There are evil people doing evil things to us. And I hate them. A lot. And I don't have time to screw around being nice. At least I direct my hate at people who truly deserve it.

So no, Hate stays in.

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